Laura Vanderbloemen, PhD

Laura Vanderbloemen, PhD

Assistant Professor

Faculty, College of Health Sciences


Dr Laura Vanderbloemen is Assistant Professor in the College of Health Sciences. She is co-PI for the VinCohort Study, the longitudinal study of adults and their families of Vingroup employees, in collaboration with Vinmec Healthcare System. She leads the Epidemiology / Public Health course and Research Methods courses for the CHS programmes. She also supports CHS team in providing Continuing Medical Education (CME) in her field of expertise.

Before joining the Faculty she led Imperial College London’s Research Design team via a collaborative project led by King’s College London, in partnership with Imperial, UCL and Queen Mary University of London, providing study design guidance to National Health Service (NHS) staff, scientists and health technology companies focused on improving patient and public health through applied health research.

Dr Vanderbloemen completed her doctoral training at the University of York, United Kingdom. Her research interests include social epidemiology and the effects of inequalities on health and society development of epidemiological methods and data visualisation techniques, evidence-based interventions to support the mental health of refugees in resettlement countries, improvements in smoking cessation services, and more recently, AI and telemedicine.