Jun Myung Song, PhD

Jun Myung Song, PhD

Senior Lecturer, Acting Program Director ​for BBA​,

College of Business and Management

College of Business and Mangement


Dr. Jun Myung Song got both of bachelor degree (majoring in Actuarial Studies, Finance and Japanese) and PhD degree (majoring in Finance) from the University of New South Wales, Australia. His first teaching experience at the university level was in 2012 as a casual tutor. At the time, he realized his passion for teaching students then moved into PhD program straight after his undergraduate degree (with Honours) to become a professor. Prior to joining VinUniversity, he served as a Research Professor at Korea University. As a Korean-born New Zealand citizen, who also has lived in multiple countries throughout Asia-Pacific, he has great cultural-awareness and various experiences to share with our VinUniversity students. 

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  • Corporate Finance
  • International Finance
  • ESG in Finance 


  • Business Statistics
  • Finance


“Political Relations and Media Coverage” (with Bohui Zhang and Thomas Ruf), Working Paper

  • International Conference on Asia- Pacific Financial Markets (CAFM), Seoul, 2015, Winner of
    the Best Paper Award
  • Financial Management Association Europe, Helsinki, 2016
  • Edinburgh Conference on Legal Institutions and Finance, Edinburgh, 2016
  • Financial Management Association Annual Meeting, Las Vegas, 2016, Semi-Finalist for Best
    Paper Award
  • FIRN Conference, Barossa Valley, 2016
  • Auckland Finance Meeting, Auckland, 2016
  • Korean Securities Association Conference, Cheon-An 2018
  • China International Conference in Finance (CICF), 2021

“Political Relations and US Institutional Ownership”, Working Paper

  • International Conference on Asia- Pacific Financial Markets (CAFM), Seoul, 2016
  • Australasian Finance and Banking Conference (AFBC), Sydney, 2019

“Cracking the Glass Ceiling: South Korea”, Working Paper

“Media Sentiment and Institutional Ownership”, Working Paper

“Political Relations and Foreign Directors”, Working Paper


  • 2015 Best Paper Award at International CAFM, Seoul, South Korea  
  • 2013-2017 Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) 
  • 2013-2017 APA Supplementary Scholarship 
  • 2012 First Class Honours in Finance  


  • 2012 University of New South Wales – Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) in Finance with Honours Class 1, and majors in Actuarial Studies and Advanced Japanese Studies 
  • 2018 University of New South Wales – PhD in Finance