VinUni welcomes more than 100 students and parents to the beautiful campus and “First year experience”

On January 15, 2020, over 100 students along with their parents have had an exciting and spectacular experience at VinUni’s green, beautiful and modern campus. “First-year experience” was the topic of the very first Coffee Chat exclusive to students which took place right afterward in the grand TBL (Team-Based Learning) room which is the first of a kind for Vietnam.

The main hall which exhibits an architectural diorama of the entire campus was the first destination for students and parents. Everyone was particularly interested in the meaning of the VinUni logo: excellence is made up of action and quality. In addition, the image of the Sun and the statue of Apollo – the main symbol of the school, express the wisdom and light illuminating all knowledge had left a deep impression on the participants.

“Through the stories told by the guides, I feel that every little corner of VinUni has certain their own special meaning. I was really captivated by this. ”- a student shared.

VinUniversity campus model

From the design of the exterior to the modern and state of the art interior amazed the students and their parents. The library is where everyone wanted to stay for the longest because of how it is designed ideally for independent learning, teamwork or discussion for startup projects.

“VinUni’s facilities are spectacular and modern. I have visited several universities in Australia or Singapore and I think VinUni is just as great or even better in some aspects. I believe that with such facilities, VinUni fully meets the standards of a world-class university. ”- a parent answered.

VinUniversity’s sport complex

Coffee Chat, titled “First-year experience” concluded students’ and parent’s first experience of the campus. In the comfortable space of a grand TBL classroom with a capacity of 200 people, the first classroom in Vietnam for an active learning method, students got to build a team, design and propose ideas for extracurricular activities over their 4 years at VinUni. At the same time, parents had the opportunity to learn more about the learning environment, teaching methods and the reasons why they should consider VinUni.

“I feel like I have made the right decision to apply to VinUni. The experience today, for me, was very valuable and intriguing. ”

TBL room with capacity of 200 students

“It is very exciting to be able to propose our own ideas for co-curricular activities. I never thought that I could control my own learning experience like that. Incredible. I look forward to the day the results are released more than ever. ”

The visit ended with the students eager to receive the final result from VinUni and counting the days until the day of enrollment at the world-class campus.

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