Global Experience

Undergraduate students at VinUniversity can also apply for and participate in exchange programs at international partner universities. We are working with leading universities in the world, including our two strategic collaborators Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania, to plan on the establishment of the exchange study programs for our VinUniversity students. You can choose to participate in one of the following exchange programs:

  • Student Exchange 1:1 module
    With this arrangement,  one VinUniversity student participates in an exchange semester(s) at the partner university and one student from the partner university will attend VinUniversity for an equal duration of time. Please consult with your academic advisor for the credit transfer policy.
  • Visiting Students
    There are different arrangements for this visiting student program.
    VinUniversity students will attend certain courses/semester as part of an undergraduate degree program at a foreign host university and will receive transcripts from the host university. Credits from the exchange study program will be recognized towards the degree program credits at VinUniversity.
    A group of VinUniversity students will attend a non-degree program at a partner university which is customized based on VinUniversity’s requirements. It is normally a short-term course in which students will receive certificates from the host university and the credits will be recognized towards the degree program credits at VinUniversity.