Introduction to Law

Introduction to Law is a two-credit compulsory course in the General Education Program forming the ideology education component required by the Ministry of Education and Training, Socialist Republic of Vietnam. This course is an introduction to concepts, roles, and principles of law as well as major fields of law in society. It provides students with general knowledge of the law that will serve as a helpful foundation for understanding how the law interacts with other disciplines that they study and pursue in the future.

The course covers various aspects of legal theory including notion, nature, sources, rule of law, major legal and government systems, the legal profession, and comparative legal analysis between different bodies of law, branches of international law as well as different mechanisms of dispute settlement, either at municipal courts or other international forums worldwide. All the topics combine legal understanding and practical issues in both the Vietnamese context and a wide diversity of international legal backgrounds to help students gain familiarity with basic concepts of national law and be aware of international fundamental legal standards.