Thank you for your interest! VinUni truly appreciate the enthusiasm to apply to our university and would love to help you smoothen your experience with college application.

As a result, we now offer an “Informal Review” initiative where our admission office will review your 1-page CV. Due to expected volume of reviews, only qualified applicants will be contacted and our team will answer preliminary questions about VinUni programs and facilities, and walk you through logistical details of completing an application so that your procedure will become faster.

If you want to make a great impression and enjoy a good pace of preparing for college application, we invite you take advantage of this opportunity!

Talents come in many forms and we regret that, in the last cycle, some students felt they did not have the required preparedness to portray themselves in the best light. Thus, this pre-admission initiative is targeted to help you shine! To make the best out of it, please see our suggested component to a successful CV:

1) Portray yourself

  • A – Outstanding Ability: what scores, skills, accolades, projects you have
  • A – Aspiration: the story of you setting goals and making connections that inspire
  • C – Creativity: language, representation, style, of expressing your unique character
  • C – Commitment: proof of resilience to achieve long-term goals, not just for fun

2) Showcase your pathway to develop

  • E – Empathy: demonstrate that you really understand what you do, and your experiences deliver values to people in need
  • X – Exceptional Capability: examples for the systematic build-up of skills and knowledge required to perform in your past positions/activities
  • C – Creativity: think out-of-the-box and perform traditional activities in new lights
  • E – Entrepreneurial Mindset: operationalize and plan for business functions and inventions that makes sense in a practical world
  • L – Leadership Spirit: elaborate on interaction and communication to lead, inspire, mentor, and unite people towards common goals

3) CV Layout

  • We recommend that you keep it to 1 page. Do not forget to include necessary information (if available) such as SAT/SAT II/ACT/IELTS/TOEFL scores and your high school GPA


to see a CV template—please submit in MS word or PDF format.

4) Submit your CV

  • Please send your CV to with the title “Informal Review – [yourname]”. In your email body, please include:
    1. Your name: [full name in passport]
    2. Your date of birth: [DD/MM/YYYY]
    3. Your high school: [school name in Vietnamese, and province]
    4. Your email address and phone number:
    5. Your intended major at VinUni: