Reason to Choose the College of Business Management at VinUniversity

  • All curriculum and academic programs validated by Cornell University.
  • Strong industry perspectives and engagement throughout the program (i.e., 5-in-5 internship, summer internship, industry mentorship, in-class real-world problems, industry speakers, etc.)
  • A wide variety of innovative and up-to-date concentrations to select from with the opportunity to create your own concentration/minor.
  • Opportunities to pursue interdisciplinary studies by minoring in subjects at other colleges such as College of Engineering, Computer Science, College of Health Sciences, and Faculty of Art and Science.
  • Teaching pedagogy geared towards developing students into active problem-solvers (e.g., active, team-based, experience-oriented, service-driven learning).
  • Opportunities to involve in academic research projects by working directly with faculty.
  • Rich co-curricular activities: case competitions (domestic & national), hackathon.