Ho Chi Minh Ideology

Ho Chi Minh Ideology is a three-credit compulsory course in the General Education Program forming the ideology education component required by the Ministry of Education and Training, Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Vietnam History and Culture since 1858 is a continuation of the first period (from ancient times to 1858) and covers the period from 1858 until today. The main objective of the course is to analyze the development of Vietnam and its people from 1858 when France attacked and colonized VN through two Indochina wars (1946-1965) and (1954-1975) until today as Vietnam reunified and reformed and integrated into the international system.

Due to its strategic geopolitical position, Vietnam has long been a global crossroads. So, this course tries to show as much as possible the parallels, interactions between Vietnam’s history and events and that happened on the world’s stage. The course also aims to reflect Vietnam’s history and culture through the central figure of Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969), the most famous Vietnamese during this period. His life and career reflected the development of the very period of Vietnam’s history. Students are encouraged to do the research themselves to have a broader view and discover new historical details.