Healthy Lifestyle

As its name suggested, is a non-credit mandatory course of the GenEd Program for Undergraduate students, providing evitable knowledge, skills, and exercise classes for students to develop a habit of training themselves to be physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually healthy. Students are expected to complete the course in the first year of their study to successfully fulfil this part of the graduation requirement.

Choices are made every day, and the course is expected to guide students to go for healthier choices in their daily life. A healthy lifestyle includes having a healthy mind, body, clarity of intellect, and the ability to properly digest information. Given that, mentorship will be provided to students, who are guided and shaped in their perspectives, emphasizing the necessity of living a balanced life. Students will have a better knowledge of what it takes to attain their overall wellness goals by discussing the components of a healthy lifestyle as a process and science. Nutrition and diet will be taught to dispel common misconceptions about how and what to consume to attain desired health outcomes.

This course focuses on integrating subject matter into students’ existing daily routines and throughout their lives by emphasizing the practical application of taught principles. The majority of the coursework will take place in various settings and places to expose students to a wide range of fitness equipment and resources that can help them maintain a healthy foundation.