General Information

Integrated degree programs (based on agreements between VinUni and a partner university): Students who are accepted into this program will have the opportunity to earn two bachelor’s degrees or a bachelor’s and a master’s degree – one from VinUni and the second degree from a partner university abroad.

The program consists of two phases in which VinUni students will study Phase 1 at VinUni and Phase 2 at a partner university overseas. At the end of both phases, they will get two degrees, one from VinUni and another from the partner university. The modules are often in the form of 3+2, 4+1, 3.5+2 for Bachelor’s – Master’s programs and 2+2 or 2.5 +1.5 for Bachelor’s – Bachelor’s programs.

Such fast-tracking students take classes towards their Master’s while earning their Bachelor’s degree, helping to save significant costs of attendance and enabling one to graduate up to 12 months sooner. In addition, accelerated degree pathways are intended to build on the momentum you currently have as an undergraduate in an effort to create a seamless progression toward higher degree attainment in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Destination/List of Partner Universities

  1. Cornell University, United States (Engineering and Computer Science, Business and Management)
  2. University of California San Diego, United States (Engineering and Computer Science)
  3. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (Engineering and Computer Science)
  4. University of Pennsylvania, United States (Engineering and Computer Science)
  5. University of Technology Sydney, Australia (Engineering and Computer Science)
  6. The University of Queensland, Australia (Engineering and Computer Science)

Application Procedure

The Application Procedure will be released tentatively in the Fall Semester 2022. Contact GEO or your College to learn more about these Programs and how to apply.

Scholarships/Financial Support

Students in science and technology and related fields in science and technology will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships under the Vingroup Scholarship Program while they study abroad at a partner school. Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship is a full scholarship that covers all expenses: tuition fees, living expenses, air tickets, insurance, visa costs, etc. For more information about the Vingroup Scholarship Program, please visit:



We are delighted to inform you that the Application for Integrated Degree Programs is NOW OPEN for full-time VinUni students.

The Global Exchange Office (GEO) is calling for applications from full-time VinUni students for the Application for Integrated degree Programs starting in AY 2023-24 with the details as follows:


  • Currently be an active full-time student at VinUni
  • Have completed at least three years of full-time study at VinUni prior to the Integrated degree programs (i.e. currently be 3rd year student at the time of application)
  • Meet all admission or specific requirements of host university, including GPA/CCPA, language proficiency test scores (if any), etc (Please refer to this LINK for the minimum requirements set by each host university)
  • Have no major disciplinary action pending at the time of application submission
  • Have an account of good financial standing at VinUni

Application Procedure

  • Step 1: VinUni students do research about the intended integrated degree programs they would like to apply and study the requirements of each program at APPLICATION INFORMATION
  • Step 2: VinUni students submit their applications to the Global Exchange Application Portal by the application deadline.
  • Step 3: Applications will be evaluated by the VinUni Review Committee.
  • Step 4: Evaluation results will be announced to students for nomination acceptance.
  • Step 5: GEO sends VinUni nominated students’ application dossiers to partner institutions for assessment.
  • Step 6: The partner university reviews the nominations/applications, makes the final decision, and issues the Letter of Acceptance to the successful students following their review timelines.

(All applicants will be notified of their application results depending on the timelines set by each host institution.)

Important Notes: 

  • Check the APPLICATION INFORMATION  (for the list of university options you can choose along with other essential information for your application including the eligibility criteria set by the host universities, available programs, timelines, etc.
  • Students are required to discuss your study plan with faculty/advisor and/or the Program Director regarding the selection of the universities and program.
  • Students can select up to two host universities in order of preference.
  • When being nominated for the partner universities, students may have to submit additional documents as required by different host universities.

Study Expenses

For the 1st phase of the Program during which students study at VinUni for their first 3/3.5 years of undergraduate degree, they will pay VinUni tuition, fees and required expenses to VinUni. For the 2nd phase of the Program during which students will study at a host university overseas, students will be responsible for paying the applicable host university’s tuition, fees and expenses to host university. Students will need to take care of the travel, visa, accommodation, insurance and personal living expenses and any administration and facility access fees required by the host universities.

Scholarships/Financial Support

VinUni students with Vietnamese origin pursing an integrated degree program in which the field of the Master’s program is in one of the supported fields of the Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program can apply for the Scholarship for the phase they study abroad at a partner university. In the application form for the integrated degree programs, VinUni students can indicate whether or not they would like to apply for the Vingroup Scholarship Program. The Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship is a full scholarship that covers all expenses: tuition fees, living expenses, air tickets, insurance, visa costs, etc. To be eligible, applicants will need to satisfy the minimum requirements set out by not only the Host university but also the Vingroup Scholarship Program. For more information about the minimum requirements and terms and conditions of the Vingroup Scholarship Program, please visit:

VinUni students should also proactively reach out to external scholarship support to apply for the integrated degree programs as needed.

Integrated Programs and Application Deadlines

# Partner University Integrated Degree Program Eligible to apply for the VGR 1.100 Scholarship Program? Application deadline
1 University of Pennsylvania [3+2] or [4+1] (for CECS students) YES AND ONLY for the programs that are in the list of eligible fields of study for the VGR Scholarship Program: 6pm, January 8th, 2023 (Vietnam Time)


2 University of California, San Diego [3+2] Master of Science in Structural Engineering (for CECS students) YES 6pm, February 05, 2023 (Vietnam Time)


3 University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign [3+2] Master of Science or Master of Engineering (for CECS students):
4 Cornell University [3+2] Cornell-VinUniversity Accelerated Degree, M.P.S. Degree Program in Applied Statistics (for CECS students) YES  










6pm, February 5th, 2023 (Vietnam Time)

[3+2] Cornell-VinUniversity Accelerated Degree, M.S. Degree Program in Systems/Mechanical Engineering (for CECS students) YES
[3+2] Cornell-VinUniversity Accelerated Degree, Master of Professional Studies Degree in Applied Economics and Management (for CBM students) Not available
5 University of Technology, Sydney [3+2] Master of Information Technology (for BSCS students) YES
[3+2] Master of Engineering (Extension) in Electrical Energy Systems (for BSEE students) YES
[3+2] Master of Engineering (Extension) in Manufacturing Engineering and Management (for BSME students) YES
[3+2] Master of Engineering (Extension) in Operations  (for BSME students) YES
[3+2] Master of Engineering (Extension) in Computer Control Engineering (for BSME & BSEE students) YES
6 University of Queensland [3.5+2] Master of Engineering (Electrical) (For BSEE students YES 6pm, June 30th, 2023 (Vietnam Time)


[3.5+2] Master of Engineering (Mechanical) (For BSME students) YES


  • The final result releases are based on the timelines set by each host institution.

Please complete all the required documents and submit your application via this application portal by the deadline mentioned above:

Global Exchange Application Portal 

If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQs on the Global Exchange Page or contact the Global Exchange Office.