Open Lecture – The ancient Champa kingdom: History and Culture

Invitation to Open Lecture

The ancient Champa kingdom: History and Culture

Date and Time: 11 May 2022, 15:30 – 17:30

Venue: Peace Room I201, VinUniversity

Language: English

The ancient Champa kingdom: History and culture

Champa is an ancient kingdom that developed and flourished in central Vietnam. It was formerly a neighboring country of the Dai Viet and an integral part of the modern Vietnamese Fatherland. During its heyday, Champa culture spread throughout the North Central and South Central provinces, from the Central Coast to the Truong Son-Central Highlands. This presentation will cover three major points: To begin, provide an overview of the formation, development, and decline of the ancient kingdom of Champa from the second to the nineteenth centuries. Second, introduce some of Champa’s most distinctive cultural assets, including the temple system (My Son Sanctuary, Po Nagar Tower…), ancient citadels (Tra Kieu citadel, Do Ban citadel…), architecture, and sculpture. Thirdly, describe contemporary Cham communities and contemporary Cham cultural characteristics in southern Vietnam.


Speaker information:

Professor Do Truong Giang

Head of Department of Information and International Cooperation

Affiliation: Institute of Imperial Citadel Studies (IICS) – Vietnam Academy of

Social Sciences.

Fields of research: History and Archaeology of Champa and Vietnam; Chinese and

Southeast Asian Ceramics; Global History.

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