FAQs - College of Business and Management

For intake 2020, VinUniversity will offer a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science in Real Estate, and a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management.

Cornell University is one of the two strategic collaborators for VinUniversity and is the leading consultant for the College of Business and Management.

Cornell is involved with every aspect of VinUniversity’s development, spanning infrastructure, governance, faculty hiring, and curriculum development. Cornell validates and assures the quality of curriculum developed by VinUniversity faculty and guides VinUniversity and its Colleges on a path of international accreditation. For additional details please see: https://business.cornell.edu/faculty-research/vinuniversity-project/

We know that it can be difficult to choose your specific area of interest so early in your academic journey, and we want to give you options and flexibility, so that your college education can be meaningful and rewarding to you. There will be opportunities to apply for and switch disciplines after one year. This will depend on a number of factors, such as availability of seats, your academic performance, how you have demonstrated your interest and commitment for the new major, and recommendations from your academic advisor. Rest assured, we will do everything we can so that you don’t feel trapped in studying something that is not right for you.

All three disciplines, Business Administration, Real Estate and Hospitality, will help you build a solid foundation and job-ready skills for working in the financial sector. As you can expect, in the real estate program, the focus of the financial learning such as the cases, examples, industry speakers, electives, will be focused more on the financial aspects of real estate. Similarly, for the hospitality program, the focus will be application for the hospitality industry. In the general business administration program, you will learn the same fundamentals, but the specific applications will be more generally discussed.

We suggest that, if you have a preference for working in a particular industry, such as real estate or hospitality, you might consider choosing that discipline. Then you can specialize in Finance (“major or minor”) as part of that program.

VinUniversity aims to achieve the highest international AACSB accreditation for all business education programs by 2026.You can learn about the standards and requirements for AACSB accreditation and the universities who have been accredited here: https://www.aacsb.edu/ 

VinUniversity also aims to be ranked in the top 100 on QS Rankings for young universities by 2035 and in the top 50 by 2050.

Internship opportunities, the fostering of passion for entrepreneurship, , and international experiences offer prospective students future-readiness for their career path.

VinUni’s business education will equip students with 6 major attributes to be future-ready global citizens:

  • In-depth knowledge and expertise in the subject matter;
  • Ethics and leadership skills;
  • Problem solving and interdisciplinary learning and practice;
  • Global awareness, real world experience, and English language proficiency;
  • Technical competence and communication skills; and
  • Entrepreneurship mindset and skills.

Yes, certainly. High-quality, cutting-edge research is one of the highest priorities at the College of Business and Management, and undergraduate students will have lots of opportunities to work directly with faculty on research projects. The College and the University will provide resources including funding, library and database access, mentorship, and training in research methods. These can be in the form of research fellowships or research awards to support compelling research proposals.

VinUniversity provides strong English-based degree programs in business and management co-designed and validated by professors from Cornell University, an American Ivy League university (https://business.cornell.edu/faculty-research/vinuniversity-project/). The curriculum is rich in subject matter content and designed to equip students with in-depth knowledge and strong competencies in the core subject areas. Students will acquire communication skills, English proficiency, numerous soft/leadership skills, an entrepreneurship mindset, effective workplace skills, networking and negotiating skills, and project management skills.

Students will have opportunities for international studies rich in experiential learning and internships, with companies solving real-world problems.

The curriculum will be executed using active teaching and learning methodologies designed to drive the best learning outcomes. Many courses will require students to work on short and long-term projects, in preparation for working in cross-functional teams in which workplace environments are highly interactive and require high-quality deliverables.

The curriculum will utilize extensive digital technology in order for students to develop competency in business management in a digital world.

While the curriculum is designed to be global in its outlook, it is grounded in the business, social, and economic realities of modern-day and future Vietnam. In this way, graduates will not only be ready to be global leaders and change makers, but they will be equally ready to succeed in the business world in Vietnam.

Within each academic program, students are expected to specialize in one or more areas that interest them most. This is called a Major. In order to complete a major, students will have to take 6-8 or more courses that go deeper into the subject areas for that major. The Major must be selected from the options offered within the student’s academic program.

A Minor is a smaller degree of specialization, and it is completely optional. Many students who wish to learn about a subject area to broaden their knowledge, but don’t necessarily wish to pursue the area as a career choice, may find the option of a minor useful. Students will typically need to complete 4-5 courses in an area to fulfill the requirements for a minor. Students can choose minors from within their academic program or college or from another program or college at the university.

Semester abroad and internship semesters can count towards the Major or Minor if these engagements meet the subject requirements.

Students can choose from one of the following majors planned to be offered by the College of Business and Management:

  • Finance (offered in 2020)
  • Accounting (offered in 2020)
  • Marketing (offered in 2020)
  • Business Analytics (offered in 2021)
  • Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management (offered in 2022)

Students can also choose one or more “Minors”. The tentative minors are: Entrepreneurship; Real Estate; Hospitality; Accounting; Computer Information Systems; Finance; Marketing; and Operations/Logistics Management. Students can also choose to pursue minors from other Colleges such as the College of Engineering and Computer Science.

Refer to the tentative curriculum planner on the website for a bigger image.

VinUni’s Bachelor of Real Estate incorporates highly interactive, real-life experience-based, technology-intensive, academic rigor and a global outlook with a Vietnamese flavor. This program is modeled after the top international real estate business programs and co-designed and validated by faculty from Cornell University, to be compliant with international accreditation standards.

The real estate program is unique to VinUni, in its primary focus on the built environment while giving significant attention to Vietnam’s current booming economy. Students will gain comprehensive technical knowledge of real estate and the leadership skills required for a successful career.

The real estate program equips students to be work-ready, adaptable, and globally competitive real estate professionals with a commitment to high standards and integrity.

VinUni’s Real Estate Major focuses on careers in Real Estate Advisory Services, which include real estate valuation, market studies, quantity surveying, and asset and property management.

Vingroup is the leader of the real estate market in Vietnam. Vingroup (i.e. Vinhomes) and their counterparts support the program as stakeholders. VinUni students will have rewarding opportunities to learn from and engage in the real estate business at Vingroup and work directly with professionals, customers, and stakeholders.

The program is designed to be recognized and supported by the real estate profession and industry in Vietnam as:

  • The leading real estate program in Vietnam;
  • The best source for future property professionals in Vietnam; and
  • The home of thought leadership regarding commercial real estate in Vietnam.

Students will have relevant knowledge and skills to practice as property professionals or work within the property industry in a diverse range of roles.

The initial focus will be on “Real Estate Advisory Services” firms including property sales, property leasing, property management, property valuation, property advisory, property investment, property funds management, property banking, and property development both within Vietnam and overseas.

Potential employers: primarily international multi-offering real estate service firms (such as JLL, CBRE and Savills) and secondarily, Vietnamese real estate developer/owners and international banks.

  • Executive/managerial positions in Retail/Industrial/Office Leasing in Sales and Marketing, in Real Estate and Property Services
  • Executive/managerial Sales positions in Real Estate and Property Services
  • Senior positions in Research and Valuation and Advisory Services in Real Estate and Property Services
  • Consultants in Management Consulting Services
  • Project Management positions in different real estate projects

Those are well-paid jobs and fulfilling career paths according to a report from recruitment companies such as First Alliances.

Hospitality management is more than hotel management or tourism. Think of all the types of companies — manufacturing, service, real estate, transportation, travel — that are involved in the hospitality business. Whether it is airline management, hotel operations, food and restaurant management, building and design, technology innovation and implementation, service and product design, leasing, property investment, real estate management, or spa and luxury establishments, the types of companies and services included within the hospitality industry are diverse and ever-expanding. Graduates with hospitality backgrounds also work in many industries that require people skills, such as advisory or consulting services, healthcare administration, and event management to name a few. .

Inspired by Cornell University’s standards of excellence, VinUniversity aims to create a world-class hospitality program for Vietnam in response to the country’s rapid economic and social growth.

The mission of VinUniversity’s hospitality program is to provide a preeminent academic and professional education that will enable graduates to achieve senior executive careers within the hospitality industry in Vietnam and the greater region of Southeast Asia.

The curriculum design is based on the five principles below:

Currently, we plan to offer three majors/concentrations:

  • Lodging Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Digital Marketing

Future majors/concentrations might include:

  • Casino and Resort Management
  • Event Planning
  • Airlines and Airport Management
  • Health and wellness management
  • Service Operations Management
  • Cruise Ship Management and Tour Operations Management

VinUniversity’s Bachelor of Hospitality Management requires at least three internships: two in Vietnam and one abroad with a total of over 1,000 hours. This time spent in real-world learning is a hallmark of the Cornell University hospitality management program and has proven to be highly successful in instilling real world skills, while helping graduates make the best career choices and receive desirable placement opportunities with companies such as VinPearl.

VinUniversity will provide students with abundant internship experiences with Vingroup companies, Vingroup’s supplier companies, other major companies, and/or SMEs, as well as, opportunities for study abroad (semester/summer).

College of Business and Management students at VinUniversity will receive an exceptional education, and upon graduation, students will be able to attain meaningful careers to launch their fast track to supervisory and management positions in 3 to 5 years, and senior executive leadership and business ownership positions within 7 to 10 years. While no program-academic or otherwise-can guarantee professional success, VinUni students will definitely be trained to have the skills, knowledge, work ethic, networking, and industry connections they will need to launch successful careers.

VinUni faculty are well-known academics with international reputations as high-quality researchers and impactful teachers at some of the world’s best universities. They are committed educators who use content-rich curriculum and their teaching is informed and enriched by their research expertise. In addition to the faculty with PhDs, VinUni will also have teaching faculty who have extensive experience in leadership positions in companies both in Vietnam and abroad. VinUni will also have a number of distinguished visiting and adjunct faculty from top universities who will teach and conduct research at VinUni and serve as mentors to students and VinUni faculty.

VinUni will have small class sizes, with an estimated faculty-student ratio of 1:12. The entire College of Business and Management will admit less than 100 students in the first year. These small class sizes and low faculty-student ratio will ensure that each student will receive individual attention from the university administration, as well as, the faculty.

VinUniversity has three colleges: the College of Health Sciences; the College of Engineering and Computer Science; and the College of Business and Management. While students will major in an area from within their college, there will be lots of opportunities for interdisciplinary work. These include classes that are listed across colleges, such as digital business transformation, data analytics, health care management, entrepreneurship, communication, project management, product and service design, sustainable manufacturing and design, service operations, quality management, etc. These courses will not only bring students from various colleges and programs together to learn, they will also provide opportunities for cross-disciplinary project work and internships. For example, students from engineering, nursing program and business could work on a project to design, build, and market a better tool for infant care in a hospital setting, or pursue a project to reduce errors in a hospital setting using better data analytics and digital tools.