Pathway English

The Pathway English program provides students with the English proficiency and academic skills needed to successfully learn via the medium of English throughout their studies at VinUniversity. Students who complete the Pathway English Advanced course will meet VinUniversity’s English language requirements. In the Pathway English courses, students will develop their fundamental academic skills of reading, listening, speaking, and writing   while increasing their range and accuracy of grammar, pronunciation, and academic vocabulary. Classes are active, utilizing a range of activities including group discussions and a wide range of online learning resources. Students are provided with diagnostic information, regular formative assessments, teacher check-ins, and out-of-class support to help them achieve optimal success. In addition to English language proficiency, students will acquire other academic skills that will prepare them to meet the expectations of a modern university environment.


Academic English

Academic English 1 and 2 are taken by all VinUniversity students in the first year, regardless of their English proficiency. These courses focus on improving students’ academic writing, presentation, and research skills, in order to refine their ability to synthesize information from different sources and produce coherent, cohesive written and spoken texts. Academic English 1 follows a multidisciplinary approach, as students acquire general composition skills. In Academic English 2, a discipline-specific approach, students learn more about the English language nuances specific to their disciplines while gaining a deeper understanding of the discourse and language features associated with their subject of study.