English for Doctors [Intermediate]

Course information 

The Intermediate course in English for Vinmec Doctors program is designed to improve your general English proficiency from B1 to B2 (approximately IELTS 5.5 to IELTS 6.0) over 180 hours of guided learning. It will also help improve your medical English and communication skills in medical situations, making you more confident when you interact with patients and healthcare professionals in English. 

Overall learning objectives 

  • Improve English language proficiency by an equivalent of 0.5 IELTS band each course and meet the entry requirements of the overseas Fellowship Programs at the end of the program. 
  • Expand medical terminology and communicative competence in both general and specialized medical domains. 
  • Increase confidence in using English to communicate with native and non-native speakers. 
  • Expand intercultural awareness and techniques for communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds. 
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary teamwork and interpersonal skills. 

Course schedule 

  • 180 hours over 8 two-week modules. Each two-week module contains:  
  • 14 hours of self-access online learning and productive tasks. 
  • 2 x 1-hour live tutorials conducted online via Teams. 
  • 1 x 4-hour workshop in Team-Based Learning (TBL) format.