Cross-Cultural Navigation

21st-century students face a rapidly changing global landscape that requires an ability to navigate the challenges of multicultural societies and work environments. In Cross-Cultural Navigation, students will develop the fundamental skills necessary to achieve this objective. This course will help students to understand how different cultures can impact the way that people view themselves and their surroundings. Students will learn about different theories and practices related to the impact of culture on our lives. In the end, they will be able to identify and understand the interconnectedness of their own and others’ cultural identities in order to reflect on how various cultural concepts apply to their own life, communication, and various areas of study.

The course will primarily focus on practical applications and case studies. Lectures will be used to frame and enhance content. We will explore how to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment and how to manage, negotiate, and resolve cross-cultural conflicts. In these simulations, as well as in-class discussions, course members will analyze and reflect critically upon the multifaceted nature of communication, which includes verbal, non-verbal, and written forms of expression, as well as central customs and practices that give shape to relationships.