American Heart Association (AHA) Lifesaving Training Courses


  • The VinUni Medical Simulation Center (VMSC) has been certified as an AHA International Training Center in Vietnam since May 2018.
  • VMSC provides lifesaving training courses to healthcare providers, caregivers, and community members.
  • VMSC instructors are physicians and nurses working at the Vinmec Healthcare System, who have completed the AHA instructor training course and are certified AHA instructors.
  • AHA courses at VMSC follow AHA standards and guidelines, while using AHA learning materials. Courses include:
    • HeartSaver
    • Basic Life Support (BLS)
    • Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS)
    • Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)
  • Courses are updated to reflect new science in the 2015 AHA Guidelines Update for CPR and ECC.
  • VMSC provides new and renewal AHA courses.
  • VMSC uses modern, high-fidelity simulators and medical equipment according to AHA standards.
  • Participants who successfully complete the course will receive an AHA provider certificate that is valid for 2 years.


Communication Skills in Medical Encounters


Communication skills are essential to the practice of medicine, as poor patient-provider communication can have a serious impact on health outcomes. Traditionally, medical education has not fully addressed the importance of good communication skills when interacting with patients.

VinUni Medical Simulation Center provides a communication skills course to healthcare professionals and other personnel who work in the health sector, to improve the quality of healthcare by focusing on a patient-centered approach.


  • Various scenarios in medical encounters based on real life issues
  • Difficulties in communication between patients and health professionals
  • Effective communication skills and strategies
  • Communication models in medical encounters that are used internationally


  • Experiential learning of simulation-based scenarios with a patient-centered approach
  • Using standardized patients in simulation-based scenarios: direct interaction with and feedback from standardized patients
  • Video-based debriefing to enhance the reflection, motivation, and performance of trainees
  • Discussing, sharing, and learning from experience and demonstrations of peers and colleagues


Nursing Skills Training


VinUni Medical Simulation Center provides nursing skills training courses that collectively cover 26 nursing procedures. At our Simulation Center, our nursing skills courses focus not only on clinical skills but also on how to communicate with patients and how to deal with unexpected situations while caring for patients.


  • Low instructor-trainee ratio of 1:4
  • Using low-fidelity simulators for basic nursing skills training and high-fidelity simulators for advanced nursing skills
  • Experiential learning from use of simulation-based scenarios with a focus on practice with patient-centered care
  • Debriefing to enhance the reflection, motivation, and performance of trainees
  • Discussing, sharing, and learning from experience and clinical skills demonstrated by peers and colleagu