FAQs - Bachelor of Nursing Program

The adjusted tution fee of Nursing Program in 2021 is 15.000USD/ year. Generous scholarships and aids are available to nursing students. The best students will have chances to get full scholarships which cover entire tuition fee and living cost. There are also available with 100%, 90% scholarships and other financial aids as well. Check out the VinUni admissions website for detailed information.

Qualified BN graduates will enjoy guaranteed opportunities in the Vinmec healthcare system. The top students will also get the opportunity to work at other national and even international hospitals and clinics.

Since the BN program is compliant with international standards, BN graduates will be certified for pursuing nursing specializations, research fellowships, and masters and Ph.D. programs in nursing education. In addition, when VinUni offers a future masters program in nursing, BN graduates will be able to get credits transferred to the Masters in Nursing program.

Yes, all nursing graduates will have guaranteed placement within the VinMec healthcare system with attractive salaries.

The medium of instruction at VinUniversity is English*. To go directly into VinUniversity’s undergraduate programs without any additional English language training, you will need to submit a recognized international English proficiency test result taken within the last 24 months. The minimum scores for direct entry into VinUniversity’s undergraduate programs are:

  • IELTS: Minimum of 6.5 with no band score lower than 6.0
  • TOEFL iBT: Minimum 79 with at least 20 for writing, 18 for speaking, 15 for reading, and 15 for listening.
  • Pearson Test of English (Academic) – Minimum overall score of 58 with no communicative skills score less than 50.
  • Cambridge English Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) – Minimum 176 with no skill below 169 in any component.

Students who do not meet the requirements listed above will be offered the option to take pre-sessional English language training in the Summer semester in our Pathway English program, as long as they meet the minimum requirements to join Pathway Intermediate (IELTS 5.5 or equivalent). The cost for this program is 50,000,000 VND (~2,000 USD), to be paid by the student.

If you have an IELTS or other recognized English test which meets the minimum requirements, you can be exempted from taking Pathway English in the Summer semester and go directly into the Fall semester (as long as you meet the other entry requirements.)

If you do not have an international English test result like IELTS, you can take VinUni’s official English placement test to determine if you are ready for Pathway English in the Summer semester and, if so, which level you will study. We will offer this test to students who are shortlisted for admission to a VinUni program. Students must take the test before they can be offered admission. The scores from this test will be used to make the final decision regarding the offer of admission.

If you are a native English speaker or currently studies at a high school in an English speaking country (US, UK) and fluent in English, but you do not possess IELTS or TOEFL test result, we will ask you to take an English placement test as part of the Admission decision making process.

All students at VinUniversity, regardless of their English proficiency, will also study one compulsory composition and academic skills course in the first year. There are also a range of elective communication courses (as part of the Minor in Communication) available to interested students to help improve a range of skills.

*For CHS students, the clinical placements will be in local healthcare institutions. Students are expected to communicate well and use medical terms in Vietnamese fluently. Therefore, some components of the curriculum will be delivered in Vietnamese, including, but not limited to, the interactions with patients, clinical faculty, and staff. Students, who do not speak Vietnamese, are expected to enhance their Vietnamese proficiency before they start clinical practices.

The BN program at VinUniversity is truly the first of its kind in Vietnam. It is designed by the world’s leading experts in nursing to be relevant within Vietnam and the world. Some of the unique characteristics that set it apart are:

  • curriculum that is based on international standards, co-designed by the University of Pennsylvania (ranked first in the world for nursing education), and fully aligned with US nursing education in terms of accreditation, content, and licensure exam;
  • interdisciplinary coursework with students from the Doctor of Medicine, Engineering, Computer Science, and Business programs providing exposure to fields of study and practice that are interconnected with nursing;
  • BN faculties are accomplished and experienced academics and practitioners who are experts in nursing. Over 80% of them have Ph.D.s. VinUni faculty will be trained by and work closely with the faculty and professionals at the University of Pennsylvania in order to provide a high quality international education;
  • active learning methods, such as team-based learning, problem-based learning, case-based learning, virtual reality assisted learning, and experiential learning in Vinmec and other leading hospitals;
  • high tech, state-of-the-art facilities and equipment—pre-clinical labs and simulation centers for training of professional procedures, communication skills, and scenario-based simulation;
  • international internships and study—BN students will have the opportunity to work at international hospitals or facilities and to travel abroad for a semester in order to study at other top universities and practice at top hospitals; and
  • English language education—to truly prepare BN students to be global professionals, the medium of instruction will be English.

In addition to the unique and highly attractive features of the BN program, students will benefit from VinUni as a whole, such as our amazing sustainable campus, a stimulating student body, a world-class faculty, and our close engagement with Vingroup companies.

The BN program is focused on Excellence in Care, Excellence in Evidence, and Excellence in Outcome. VinUni nursing students will become fully competent in nursing practice procedures. They will be exposed to the most advanced learning experiences through state-of-the-art technology and research. The learning environment is one that is supportive of and conducive to student growth and learning.

Our curriculum is focused on creating skills for lifelong learners through self-directed learning. Students will be engaged in small group instruction from a strong dedicated team of lecturers and mentors; this innovative approach emphasizes learning through practice and combines the best of advanced technology with real world human contact.

A good nurse is a caring and compassionate professional who has an outstanding understanding of science, clinical knowledge, and technical skills. Our nursing program is based on four themes:

  • science and research;
  • professionalism;
  • clinical knowledge; and
  • clinical and technical skills.

The BN program is a 4 year program consisting of 8 semesters. In addition to the 8 semesters, students will have one summer semester to complete their general education courses so that they can focus on their professional studies during the later years. The BN program recommends its students to fulfill all requirements within 4 years. Since students meet the required competencies through all course experiences, it is not possible to complete a BN program sooner than 4 years.

VinUni will employ the credit-system for the management of all programs. This means that students will have options to determine the progress of their learning and the selection of courses. However, since the BN program is very structured, course selection and registration will be supported by a student’s academic advisor, ensuring program completion on time. The BN program and VinUni also offer many elective courses that students can select to enrich their learning experience. Students will be granted their degree once they have fulfilled all the requirements of the program.

Our students will receive various types and methods of feedback throughout the 4 year program. These feedback mechanisms are incorporated in both theory and practice at various stages in the curriculum. The students will receive immediate feedback through participation in self-assessment exercises. Faculty, mentors, and members of the clinical/ academic team will be accessible to students for coaching and guidance throughout their studies. Moreover, peers and real and standardized patients will provide crucial feedback.

Vinmec hospitals and clinics are the practice settings for nursing students of VinUni. All nursing students will have opportunities to be immersed in hospital and patient care settings very early in their educational program.

Yes, VinUni will help students find job placements and provide counseling for international job placement.

Not at all. Decisions are usually made after graduation. Throughout the 4 year nursing program, students will be attending various specialty clinics and have the opportunity to work with a variety of patients. Students will be prepared to practice nursing internationally. Students interested in a particular specialty may take electives in order to determine which area they may want to further pursue for their specialization. Faculty advisors and career counsellors will assist students in making decisions regarding their specialty, as well as, career paths and options.

Yes, you can. We developed our program based on the United States and international standards; students will take an exam compatible with the US NCLEX License exam. However, you have to pass the exam in order to work abroad.

VinUni strongly advocates for entrepreneurship and interprofessional education. BN students will be exposed to myriad activities that will inspire their ideas as they collaborate with students from other majors to solve problems. Entrepreneurial Mindset is one of the required courses at VinUni. Also, an extensive connection with various Vingroup entities, especially Vinmec, will provide students with lots of environments in which to apply their ideas.