VinUni Career Services will provide you with an array of guidance and resources necessary to assist you with your career development needs. We believe that students can build confidence, explore possibilities, and develop a powerful personal brand while you are in university. Thus, you can own and shape your personal and professional journeys by the time you graduate. We motivate students to explore and engage with the working-world as much as you can.

We enrich our relationships with employers, corporate, faculty and staff to facilitate meaningful experiences, prepare students with skills, confidence & professional network opportunities for your success in careers and communities. Career Services offers comprehensive services and support for students, such as:

  • Career Day: Invited industry partners and organizations come together at VinUni campus to share information about their workplace, provide advice for career development and the education and skills that are required for professional success.
  • Career advising & planning (answering questions, providing professional guidance, and helping student overcome challenges that are encountered in the internship and full-time job search).
  • Career skills development workshops (Resume review, mock interview, profiling etc).
  • Career events (career talks, company visits, networking events, career fairs, industry speakers etc).
  • Internship and job, on-campus and off-campus opportunities.
Career Day

Career Day

VinUniversity’s First Career Day 2022

For the very first time, VinUniversity is organizing the Career Day to invite respected corporate partners, institutions, and international organizations to our beautiful campus in Hanoi to meet and engage with the VinUni community of talented students and faculty members. This is an excellent occasion for the corporate and external partners and VinUni community to network, exchange ideas, share experience, provide career consultation and much more.

Further information about the Career Day 2022 can be found here.

Internship & Job Opportunities

Internship & Job Opportunities

We work with companies and corporates to give students a range of internship and employment positions. The internships can also potentially turn into a full-time position after graduation.

Unlike an ordinary stand-alone university, VinUniversity is part of the Vingroup Eco-system whose operation and activities range from industrials, technology, education, and health-care services to real estate and hospitality. One of the top advantages of VinUniversity students is that you will have opportunities to intern at leading Vingroup companies in your area of study. You can also do the internship at companies or organizations outside the Vingroup Ecosystem.

We are here to make sure that we connect you with the best possible match for an internship program so that your experience off-campus as an intern will prepare you for entering the workforce.

Explore internship & job opportunities here.

Work Study Program

Work Study Program

The Work-Study Program is established by VinUniversity in order to provide students with part-time, on-campus opportunities in teaching and research assistantships, and administrative support positions. The program will enable students to integrate study with work, to develop career-related skills and experience at an early stage of university life, and to earn extra income.

From very first year in University, students have great chance to involve in important projects, across departments and units, such as Building online portal for Faculty, Research and develop “VinUni student branding”, Research on Covid’s influence on the hospitality industry of the world and Vietnam, Study of the interaction of optical antennas with quantum dots, etc.

Read more about Work-Study Program here.

Corporate Engagement

Corporate Engagement

One of the best way to expand the career knowledge and interested is to learn from someone who is connected to it first-hand. The company visits, industry speakers, networking events etc, will be the bridge to give students more insights into their career options and goals and help to build the connection with potential employers.

At VinUni, we strive to increase total corporate engagement between the universities and organizations/companies worldwide to promote recruitment opportunities for students (full-time, internships), increase corporate involvement with student organizations (case competitions, hackathon, etc.) and further capstone projects such as guest lectures/talks/company visit to help student have updated insights about job market and open their professional networks.

Read more on corporate engagement at VinUniversity here.

Career Readiness

Career Readiness

The very first step to take control of your future is to self-equip with essential skills to be ready in labor market. Our career services team will support you understand your career needs and aspirations, offer you the needed advice & activities on developing the needed skills sets and explore career options. We provide career workshops and guidance on resume, cover letter, interview, job search, professionalism etc to prepare for students’ success.

Read more about career readiness here.