Assoc. Prof Le Cu Linh, Interim Dean, College of Health Sciences

If I were to point out one outstanding trait that every VinUni faculty member has in common, it would be “multi-talented”. Despite their stellar knowledge in an area of expertise and incredibly busy schedules, our faculty still manage to find time for other passions or interests and have, over time, become very well-versed in them too. An example that I would like to introduce here is Dr. Le Cu Linh, an amateur writer/photographer, a world explorer, and Vice Dean of the College of Health Sciences, VinUniversity.

After graduating from Hanoi-Amsterdam high school, Dr. Linh attended Hanoi Medical University to pursue a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree. While he was very passionate about his chosen field of study and had no intention to change majors, he noticed the rising popularity of computers and information technology during that time (the early 1990s) and began to take interest in them. “I thought computer science and information technology were very fascinating arenas that, if utilized well, could create real breakthroughs for the medical field. Therefore, I started some self-studying in computer science and later on, in my 5th year of MD program, decided to get a formal education in Computer Science to better contribute to healthcare and healthcare education,” Dr. Linh recalled. Dr. Linh started his second degree in Computer Science at Hanoi University of Sciences and Technology in his last year of medical school and managed to complete that program about 4 years later, in between his graduate study and travel back and forth to the US to pursue his PhD.

Interestingly, for his doctoral dissertation, Dr. Linh applied several programming concepts and skills that helped him successfully and innovatively extract, process, and analyze a large dataset on Vietnamese women’s reproductive health. In his career as an educator, Dr. Linh has been a medium connecting many tech-related initiatives with Vietnamese health sciences education and has held a major role in creating new, tech-integrated curricula and courses for healthcare students.

Dr. Le Cu Linh is also an art lover and a life contemplator at heart. Besides his work in medical education, Dr. Linh enjoys documenting his life experiences in writings and immortalizing precious moments in places he has traveled to through photography.

“From an early age, I have read a lot of books, starting from fairy tales (both Vietnam and international) then to historical documents and novels about a variety of different topics. Unknowingly, I started developing a strong interest in literature. I derive an immense sense of joy in reading the work of great writers and storytellers such as Hans Christian Andersen, Andrea Maurois, or Nam Cao, Nguyen Huy Thiep. Later on, I enjoyed the works of Maxence Van der Meersch and Paolo Coelho. Through their writings, I can perceive the world through clearer lenses, understand human nature more properly, and above all, truly see the meaning of life and the value of love and human connectedness. Subsequently, I took up writing hoping to also inspire others to recognize the sometimes simple yet value-laden moments or stories in life that may not yet be known or heard,” Dr. Linh fondly explained his passion for literature. To this point, Dr. Linh has penned many pieces of writing, ranging from memoirs, Facebook notes, short stories to commentaries, and one of the things that gives him confidence in writing is his diverse traveling experience. “I enjoy traveling and adventures. The experiences I had, the feelings I felt, and the people I met in those places are exquisite materials for many of my writings, among which is the Lifemate Beta 5 – a short romantic novel that, though it appears fictional, interweaves my predictions on future science and technological progress, especially in healthcare and computer science,” Dr. Linh shared. “Several details in that story have (or nearly) turned out to come true in real life. Isn’t that amazing?” he said while laughing.

Some of Dr. Linh’s writings are published in VinMagazine, VinUni’s student-run media and news platform. To read them, visit:

Dr. Linh has been to many continents, either on business trips or for entertainment purposes, and has captured thousands of photographs of beautiful landscapes, architecture, and captivating wonders as well as the local people. Although he emphasizes the vitality of being “in the moment” and really taking in all that surrounds him – the air, the fragrance, the noise, the feeling of the wind brushing against his skin and the sun warming his cheeks – spending some time to take photos is also very essential. “The photos remind me of memories of my work and life in each individual place. Through taking these images, I’ve come to better understand the local people, the cultures and history, and their burden in life…” Dr. Linh said, also pointing out that photography is a way for him to share his thoughts and emotions with the world.

Dr. Linh’s photos

“Photography is a unique form of self-expression and a lot of the time, my photos help remind me and the people around me that this world is a great place, and that we need to take actions to alleviate the suffering of mankind.”

With the cool mind of a scientist and the sentimental heart of an artist, Dr. Linh continues to add meaningful value to his community and the world at large through various projects, endeavors, and initiatives, be it related to science or the arts.