Asian Philosophy

This course exposes students to important Asian philosophers, concepts, and arguments, with a focus on the philosophical traditions that have had the most impact on Vietnam: Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. Students will apply important philosophical ideas to a variety of social, ethical, and political challenges that occur in their particular fields of study as well as VinUni’s three primary academic areas: medicine, business, and engineering. Students will be able to study how Asian philosophy might help them reach their personal objectives and well-being as part of the course’s other practical component.

External learning activities such as a meditation session with a Buddhist monk, calligraphy at Van Mieu, and a discussion and yoga session with an Indian specialist will all contribute to students’ learning experiences throughout the course. Additional cultural events will include a variety of Asian foods, a Japanese tea ceremony, and the opportunity to study the foundations of ancient languages such as Sanskrit and Pali.