VINUNIVERSITY | Administration

With the goal to be operational excellence, we believe different perspectives, experiences and cultures enrich the educational and work experience. We celebrate diversity and foster inclusiveness in our organization.

“Our culture of excellence, collaboration and continuous learning characterizes who we are as a community. As lifelong learners, we’re driven by curiosity and the ambition to learn and grow.”

Hao Pham, MA.

“VinUni provides me great opportunities to contribute to the establishment of the first world-class university in Vietnam where the best faculty and the best facilities will encourage excellent students to become the best.”

Nguyen Hoang Viet, MBA.

“It is an amazing honour to be part of this project. How often do you have a chance to create new world class university in Vietnam? It is amazing to work faculties teams that are very reowned and have expertises for development of University.”

William Huling